There are American Citizens in Saluda SC who are scared to speak out against the illegal alien invasion that they have been experiencing and its accompanying crime.  They cannot count on the local police as they are part of the problem:

"When even one "American" -- who has done nothing wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril."       -- Harry S. Truman - (1884-1972)

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What Illegal Aliens Have Done To Saluda SC!

Below is a letter of a lifelong resident of Saluda SC to Governor Mark Sanford as he appeared at an Ace Hardware in Saluda SC on November 5, 2007.  Parts of the letter were deleted to protect the writer.  The letter is just a brief summary of how a town has been destroyed by the illegal aliens brought into the town by the Bill Amick, owner and past CEO (his nephew took over this job) of Amick's Farm. (See Pictures After the Letter)

Honorable Governor Sanford:

My name is XXXXX.  I am a 6th generation Resident of Saluda County residing on the same land grant afforded my family so many years ago.  I love my County so dearly.  My dearest memories of my now 50 years are almost all influenced by this county.  The rural life style was absolutely perfect for a child in those days.  I received my Eagle Scout Award here at 14 years of age. 

Sir, as you look around the Hardware Store today, you will probably see old men in their overalls discussing the biggest fish, largest deer harvested, and/or those good old days of Saluda’s State Championship Football teams of the mid 60’s.   Things appear so healthy, so innocent, and so much of what rural American and our great State are all about.  This is hardly the truth.

Governor, I am composing this letter because I cannot possibly tell you this story in person today.  I, and so many others feel that Saluda County is a town in deep peril.  A town scavenged by the misfortunes of Illegal Immigration, and the so many bottom feeders that emerge from this epidemic.  I respectfully ask you to consider the following points that are ongoing, and request that you will please grant me the time to discuss these points and give you EVIDENCE of such.  I have absolutely nothing to gain financially from any decision affecting the situation that plagues our County.  I simply love my County and want the best for its future Citizens.  As I travel over our Great State, I am consistently  bombarded with remarks about our deplorable conditions.  My wife would attest to the many times she has witnessed me crying at night concerning the deterioration of our Town and County.  Please consider the following: 

 Governor, I cannot possibly tell you all that exists in this County.  I humbly beg you to contact me in private to discuss this situation further.  I respectfully ask you to grant confidentiality until I can see you in person.  Please sir, help us.


 Name Deleted for Fear of Retaliation

Burning Trash Outside Trailer

Carcass for Santeria picture #1

Carcass for Santeria picture #2

Carcass for Santeria picture #3


Chickens And Trash Around Trailer

Chickens in Yard around Trailer - Future Meals

Truck with expired Mexican Tags Belonging to Saluda's "Jefe" Sergio Torres - Deputy Sheriff Afraid to Enforce The Law

Typical Trailer Owned by The Largest Trailer Slum Lord, Randy Mitchell, Chairman of the SC Public Service Commission - Some Public Service!

Another Trailer Front Yard - Full Of Trash - This is the way they live

Illegal Aliens Changing Shifts at Amick's Poultry Farms

More Illegals at Amick's Farms shift change

MS-13 "SUR" Graffiti on trailer

More Gang Graffiti on Trailer

Another Vehicle With North Carolina Tags That Are Easy To Get - No Enforcement of Expired Tags

Packing Them In - Vans Are Used As Taxis - One individual Has Over 80 Vehicles Registered in His name!

Slum Trailer - Cost to Owner: Less Than $2000 - Rental Cost to illegals $100 per illegal per week - And We Know How Many Illegals Can Live In Any Single Dwelling!  The Slum Lords are making a killing out of the illegals.

Temporary Roof - Year-round Christmas Lights on Old Trailer

Slum Lord Gets Greedily Creative - Makes Duplex Out of Trailer!

They Wash In The Creek - They Burn in Their Yards - And Chickens Run Rampant Outside the Trailers


                               Salvador Pliego   Sergio Torres  Antonio Torres Minerva Pliego

                                     Salvador Pliego                Sergio Torres                           Antonio Torres                       Minerva Pliego


Saluda businesses busted on counterfeit merchandise charges

Updated: Nov 11, 2007 06:19 PM EST WISTV

Posted by Logan Smith

SALUDA, SC (WIS) - Four Saluda residents are facing charges of selling counterfeit merchandise after a raid by the Saluda Police Department Friday.

Officers and undercover recording industry agents bought counterfeit music from The Mexican Grocery and the Mexicana La Providencia in Saluda. The owners of both stores were then arrested and charged.

Officers say about $7,500 in counterfeit merchandise was seized, including 658 CDs and MP3s, 23 DVD's, clothing, ID holders, bracelets, covers, bandanas, sports equipment, and fuzzy dice.

About $7,000 in counterfeit pharmaceutical prescription drugs, as well as a rifle and four pistols were also seized, according to officers.   

Sergio Torres, Antonio Torres, Minerva Pleigo and Salvador Pleigo are all being charged with prohibitions relative to sound recordings, and Sergio Torres and Minerva Pliego will also be charged with numerous counts of possession of prescription drugs without a prescription.  

Police briefs | Six arrested in suspected drug deal

Three illegal aliens from Saluda arrested
Posted on Sat, Sep. 22, 2007

Richland County authorities interrupted a suspected drug deal, arrested six people and seized property in a Thursday night raid in which at least one weapon was fired. Deputies responded to a home on Lucius Drive after complaints from neighbors of suspected drug activity, the department said in a statement. Deputies watched what appeared to be a drug deal and saw a suspect fire a gun, then arrested six men.  Except for the man accused of shooting the gun, Rodney Sentell Pettitrew, no one was injured, the statement said. Pettitrew, 26, of Columbia, received a small powder burn, the department said.

Arrested on charges of trafficking cocaine:

• Pettitrew, also charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol, possession with intent to distribute crack and possession of a stolen gun

• John Edward Garrett, 31, of Columbia, also charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol and possession with intent to distribute marijuana

• William Holley, 28, of Columbia

• Efrain Rios Torres, 24, of Saluda

• Hector Jimenez, 25, of Saluda

• Jose Jimenez, 27, of Saluda

Deputies seized a sedan and an SUV, two handguns, two kilograms of cocaine, a small bag of crack, nine small bags of cocaine, several bags of marijuana and $5,867 in cash, the department said.

The investigation also led deputies to a Saluda home where another kilogram of cocaine and a weapon were seized.

— Kelly Davis

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