Americans Have Had Enough Coalition

PO BOX 389

Mauldin SC 29662

Over the past several decades the special interests in the United States have been eroding the very foundation of our country.  Laws are being made to protect the few at the expense of the many.  This is not how a democratic nation is supposed to function, but, sadly and unfortunately, it is how America is functioning today. 

Single-issue organizations are tearing at the fabric that holds US together.  Self-appointed individuals, who run these organizations, have only one primary interest, themselves.  It is as if all of a sudden we have a plethora of groups that are making demands as if the US owed them.  Moreover, there are overlaps in the membership of these groups, as you see some of the same individuals claiming to be experts in everything and anything that is damaging to our country.  Some of the issues they represent are purposely cast in a convoluted fashion so that the average citizen can be mislead and confused easily.  Consequently, in order to accommodate the demands of these self-serving organizations, our government has become so OBESE that it can barely move and accomplish anything.   

The Americans Have Had Enough Coalition was formed in order to help our citizens understand the government-supported maze of special-interest legislation and to effectively expose and hopefully defeat elected officials who are responsible for such irresponsible laws that are slowly crushing our United States.  We plan to work with several elected officials from around the nation, who have shown the courage to stand up to their own party and special interest groups for the sake of our nation and its precious culture.  Their knowledge, courage and leadership will help US in the struggle to save our country from the tyranny that we call government.

The Coalition is a non-profit organization established in 2006 and dedicated to:


  1. Securing our borders.


  1. Enforcing our laws against the hiring of illegal aliens.


  1. Restoring and strengthening the “private” part in private property rights.


  1. Returning education authority and control to local school districts and de-funding the national Department of Education


  1. Restoring fiscal accountability in government spending


  1. Restoring  personal accountability


  1. Putting the obese federal bureaucracy on a diet and exercise program to make it lean and efficient.


  1. Making public service, not self service, an honorable calling once again.


   9.  Stopping the North American Union, Or Any Union Whereby the Sovereignty of the US is compromised.


The Board of Directors of this Coalition is dedicated to restoring the core conservative principles articulated by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.


The Coalition was formed to raise the funds necessary to identify, reach out to and educate political activists on the important policy issues listed above.  The Coalition will accomplish this by taking the following steps:


  1. Identify certain states to be the focus of this education effort, starting with South Carolina.


  1. Secure contact lists of interested citizens and coordinate with existing like-minded organizations


  1. Use the web site addresses already secured for the Coalition:,, to build a web presence to communicate with the initial target group, recruit additional activists, and solicit funds.


  1. Network with fellow Board members and recruited activists to set up rallies and press events that will provide a forum for these issues to be discussed.


  1. Recruit and support spokesmen that can articulate these issues in a public forum.


  1. Educate primary voter activists on how to engage presidential candidates on these issues in such a manner that the candidate is compelled to give concrete answers and by doing so develops a record for voters to examine.


  1. Create a pledge card for candidates to sign on these issues.


  1. Exploit every opportunity at the national and state levels to get press attention on these issues from our perspective.


  1. Create and distribute flyers, bumper stickers, and other material that enhances the understanding of these issues by the activists and general public.


  1. Remind the public at every opportunity what is at stake if this country does not return to these first principles.


The Board of Directors


      Patricia Mayes Hines, South Carolina


     Jacque Ponder, Colorado


     Phil Bradley, South Carolina


Executive Director


     Roan Garcia-Quintana, SC