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The Promise of Home (A Movie on Illegal Immigration)

See What Illegal Aliens Have Done To Saluda SC




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"Where would we be if we had I.O.U.'s scrip and certificates floating all around the country?" Instead he decided to "issue currency against the sound assets of the banks. [As opposed to issuing currency against gold.] The Federal Reserve Act lets us print all we'll need. And it won't frighten the people. It won't look like stage money. It'll be money that looks like real money."

                 -- William Hartman Woodin,
(1868-1934) U.S. industrialist, US Secretary of Treasury under Franklin Roosevelt in 1933



 Live Simply.  Love Generously.  Care Deeply.  Speak Kindly.  Leave the Rest to God.

STATES' RIGHTS (click here for more)


The Original Meaning of an Omission
Tenth Amendment Center
Project: Define a Sovereign State formed by a Sovereign People. What is the meaning of Louisiana State Sovereignty? - Form an Alliance of Sovereignty ...


Support Ohio Sovereignty Aug 1, 2009
Tenth Amendment Center - Los Angeles,CA,USA
We will come together on August 1st specifically to support the Tenth Amendment and the State Sovereignty Resolutions currently working their way through ...


Brett Harrell answers questions about state House race
Examiner.com - USA
How far will you go for State's Rights? I believe our Federal government is constitutionally limited and those powers not specifically provided are reserved ...


Nebraska Legislators seek to assert state sovereignty
Omaha World-Herald - Omaha,NE,USA
Manny Steele, introduced his state's successful resolution. Steele said change will occur if enough states follow sovereignty measures with legal challenges ...


McKinley pushes state sovereignty bill
Iowa Independent
... about a similar bill being considered in Nebraska, McKinley posted on his Twitter that Iowa Democrats are “obstructing my state sovereignty resolution. ...


Cincinnati group taking buses to statewide tea party
Oxford Press - Oxford,OH,USA
... Members of The Cincinnati Tea Party will join members of the Ohio Liberty Council in a “rally for State Sovereignty” at Ohio's capitol building Aug. ...


You Tube - U.S.S. of A.


Click Here To Read 24 States’ Resolution on Sovereignty and States’ Rights

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Nationwide Tea Party Coalition (April 15)


Greenville Tea Party (Greenville, SC) 02/27/09 (YOUTUBE)


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The Southern National Congress  

Become A Delegate!

Today the Southern National Congress (SNC) released seven resolutions called Remonstrances and Petitions for a Redress of Grievances, passed by the Congress during its historic first session December 5-7, 2008 in Hendersonville, NC. 100 Delegates from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia met to take up matters of great concern to the Southern People. After a spirited and well-informed debate, the SNC passed the remonstrances dealing with these vital issues...



Early this year, selected delegates representing the People of each of the fifty states will convene in Philadelphia to debate our constitutional crisis and establish practicable strategies the People can take, en masse, to peacefully reclaim Liberty and restore Constitutional Order.  These historical proceedings will be known as the “Continental Congress 2009.”


UPDATE #19: Continental Congress 2009

This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held later this year. As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peaceably curtail the abuse.


States' Rights and the Growing Rebellion - A Status Report

After decades of uninterrupted drift toward a socialist state and a bloated federal bureaucracy, the legislatures of a number of states are beginning to take matters into their own hands.





Robert Kuttner: Wall Street on Speed

If the financial crisis has proven anything, it is that capital markets have become an insiders' game in which trading profits crowd out the legitimate business of investment. The whole business-models of the most lucrative firms on Wall Street are a menace to the rest of the economy. Until the Obama administration recognizes this most basic abuse and shuts it down, it will be more enabler than reformer.


A Bailout Ballad

Merle Hazard, perhaps the only country crooner to sing about credit default swaps, is back.


Obama Administration Says Regulatory Failure to Blame for Financial Crisis -- Proposes More Regulation

(CNSNews.com) – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told Congress on Friday that the administration plans to fix the “basic regulatory flaws” it blames for the financial crisis by creating a new body to oversee all financial products. But a Republican says smarter regulation -- not more regulation -- is the way to go.


Fed Loans $500 Billion to Foreign Banks in 1998

The Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke is asked who got the money, and he states he, "does not know." He later says that the half Billion Dollars was distributed to 14 foreign central banks. When asked by Congressman Grayson where the Federal Reserve obtained the authority to loan half a trillion dollars to foreign banks, Bernanke stated it came from "Section 14 of the Federal Reserve Act."


US, China won't slow government spending too soon (Extra)
Monsters and Critics.com
Lovinger told reporters that both sides agreed they should not cut spending 'too soon,' risking another dip just as the economy is recovering. ...


US, China won't slow government spending too soon (2nd Roundup)
Monsters and Critics.com
Top of the US list of concerns is pushing China to speed the restructuring of its economy, spurring its own consumer spending and moving away from ...


Politicians Accused of Meddling in Bank Rules


Accounting rules did not cause the financial crisis, and they still allow banks to overstate the value of their assets, according to a report to be released Tuesday.


Young Japanese Women Vie for a Once-Scorned Job


Once derided as immodest, hostessing, a job in which young women lavish attention on affluent men, has become a popular, respected and lucrative profession.


A Debate Rages in Iceland: Independence vs. I.M.F. Cash


The island nation is locked in a fierce debate over how to pay off its creditors without ceding too much of its vaunted independence.


European Union Puts Out the Welcome Mat for Once-Aloof Iceland


The blessing by European foreign ministers of Iceland’s application raised questions about whether the bloc was losing the will to incorporate nations in the Balkans.


Delphi Board Approves Plan to Exit Bankruptcy


After a third try at making an exit, the parts maker may finally have an agreement to pull it out of bankruptcy.


Deutsche Bank Profit Jumps as Securities Trading Picks Up

By DAVID JOLLY 25 minutes ago

Deutsche Bank said Tuesday that its second-quarter net profit rose sharply from a year earlier as its securities trading business recovered from the credit bust.


S.E.C. Rule Curtailing Short Sales Will Stay


Federal regulators are making permanent an emergency rule aimed at reducing abusive short-selling, put in at the height of last fall’s market turmoil.


As Profit Falls 21%, Verizon Plans to Slash 8,000 Jobs


The company reported a 21 percent decline in net income for the second quarter.


How To Regulate Wall St.
Steve Forbes
Former Federal Reserve member Dr. Henry Kaufman discusses the need for banks to be


The Bank That Bailed Out Itself
John Tamny
Lessons from the survival of CIT Group.


TARPtales.org: Everything You Need to Know About TARP in One Place








Fact Sheet: E-Verify (Read This And Send It To Your Elected Officials – Don’t Let Them Get Away With Lies About This Program)

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

E-Verify (formerly known as the Basic Pilot/Employment Eligibility Verification Program) is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) administers the program.   E-Verify is free and voluntary and is the best means available for determining employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security Numbers.

Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

The SAVE Program enables Federal, state, and local government agencies and licensing bureaus to obtain immigration status information they need in order to determine a non-citizen applicant's eligibility for many public benefits. The Program also administers employment verification pilot programs that enable employers to quickly and easily verify the work authorization of their newly hired employees.


Facts About the Social Security “No-Match” Letter

Each year, employers file a Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2) with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report how much they paid their employees and how much they deducted in taxes from employees’ wages throughout the year. SSA sends a “no-match” letter when the names or Social Security numbers (SSNs) listed on an employer’s Form W-2 do not match SSA’s records.



US-VISIT is a continuum of security measures that begins overseas and continues through arrival and departure from the United States to ensure the person crossing our border is the same person who received the visa.


A Law Enforcement Partnership 287 (g)

Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE)

ICE ACCESS (Agreements of Cooperation in Communities to Enhance Safety and Security) provides local law enforcement agencies an opportunity to team with ICE to combat specific challenges in their communities.  The 287(g) program is only one component under the ICE ACCESS umbrella of services and programs offered for assistance to local law enforcement officers.

ICE Mutual Agreement Between Government and Employers (IMAGE)

To combat unlawful employment and reduce vulnerabilities that help illegal aliens gain such employment, the ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program was initiated in 2007. The goal is to assist employers in targeted sectors to develop a more secure and stable workforce and to enhance fraudulent document awareness through education and training.


The Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT)

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-wide system for the storage and processing of biometric and limited biographic information for DHS national security, law enforcement, immigration, intelligence, and other DHS mission-related functions, and to provide associated testing, training, management reporting, planning and analysis, or other administrative uses.


Secure Communities: A Comprehensive Plan to Identify and Remove Criminal Aliens

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is improving community safety by transforming the way the federal government cooperates with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify, detain, and remove all criminal aliens held in custody. Secure Communities: A Comprehensive Plan to Identify and Remove Criminal Aliens, will change immigration enforcement by using technology to share information between law enforcement agencies and by applying risk-based methodologies to focus resources on assisting all local communities remove high-risk criminal aliens.


        ü  Click here to get your copy of the Arizona US Court Decision


                                        ü  Click here to get your copy of the Arizona's Law "Legal Arizona Workers Act"

                              ü   Illegal Aliens & Diseases

                        ü  Guide to State and Local Action to Deterring Illegal Immigration

                        ü  Nonimmigrant Visas

                        ü THE MS-13 THREAT: A National Assessment by the FBI

                                  ü  The Law Against Hiring or Harboring Illegal Aliens




IMMIGRATION (click on this line for more)


Illegal Immigration: A victimless crime?
San Diego, CA ---In the wake of the murder of Border Patrol Agent and father of two Robert Rosas, the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on all of ...


Police: Woman killed her infant, ate part of brain

But he says Sanchez ate part of the newborn's brain and bit off three of his toes before stabbing herself twice.  Police say the 33-year-old Sanchez told officers who were called to her house early Sunday that she killed her son at the devil's request.


Harbor an illegal alien, lose your home?
The forfeiture of a house seems like a stiff penalty for allowing an illegal alien to live in your home. Were Ms. Vasquez and Mr. Salazar part of something ...


Mother, son convicted of harboring illegal immigrant
Houston Chronicle - United States
Gregoria Vasquez-Salgado and her son, David Salazar, both entered pleas of guilty Friday to harboring an illegal alien, according to federal court records. ...

FBI sends message to those housing illegal aliens
Montgomery County Newspaper
HOUSTON— Gregoria Vasquez-Salgado and her son, David Salazar, have entered pleas of guilty to harboring an illegal alien, United States Attorney Tim Johnson ...


Jury rules in favor of Stuart hospital that deported immigrant

STUART — A Martin County jury this morning sided with a local hospital in a closely watched lawsuit surrounding the private deportation of a brain-damaged Guatemalan patient.  Martin Memorial Hospital officials in 2003 sent Luis Alberto Jimenez, an illegal immigrant, on a chartered flight back to Guatemala after he had run up more than $1.5 million in medical bills in a case that garnered national attention.


Hispanic Caucus tells Pelosi that Health Care Bill is perfect for illegals
You know we are in trouble when the supporters of a massive taxpayer health benefit giveaway to illegal aliens say the current House plan is just right. The authoritative ROLL CALL publication says Hispanic Caucus Members told it confidentially that the Caucus told Speaker Pelosi not to change a thing because as written illegal aliens will get the benefits...


Grijalva gives immigration foe Lou Dobbs grief for airing ...
Bizjournals.com - Charlotte,NC,USA
Grijalva and Dobbs already disagree on the hot-button issue of immigration, with the Arizona Democrat favoring some kind of legal path or amnesty for ...



This investigation began two years ago in 2007. A group of people having heard of the violence in our schools against white & black children being beaten up and almost murdered by Mexican students, this investigation was undertaken to find the roots of this “hate”.

Police: Woman ran immigration scam
Daily Press
Newport News - A Newport News woman has been arrested after six people lost more than $5600 in an immigration scam. Indira Delcarmen Pina, 37, ...


Immigration Services to lay off 97 in S. Fla.
Perot Systems, which operates four US Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services offices in South Florida, has notified the state ...


King: Health bill will make taxpayers pay for abortions, care for ...
Storm Lake Pilot Tribune - Storm Lake,IA,USA
The area congressman says he bases that number on Congressional Budget Office estinates of illegal alien population, projecting 14.1 million illegal aliens ...


Frosty Wooldridge
Unfortunately, for the past 20 years, both individuals failed Black America. Reid and Pelosi encouraged, without batting an eye, the slave labor invasion from Mexico.


Suits for wrongful deportation by ICE rise
San Francisco Chronicle
(07-27) 20:18 PDT -- Citizens who have been wrongfully locked up in immigration jails can't reclaim the months or years they spent behind bars, ...

Immigration panel seeking meeting
Providence Journal
Carcieri appointed the panel under pressure by the three religious leaders, after his executive order cracking down on illegal immigration sparked numerous ...

AZ Gov. resumes budget talks; illegal immigration avoided
Interestingly, there is no mention of curtailing the cost of illegal immigration in any state budget plan. A 2004 study places the cost of educating the ...


Saratoga police charge illegal alien with kidnapping woman
Schenectady Gazette - Schenectady,NY,USA
By Tatiana Zarnowski (Contact) SARATOGA SPRINGS — Authorities arraigned a Corinth man this morning in connection with the Thursday kidnapping of a ...


Michael Cutler on MSNBC To Discuss Murder of Border Patrol Agent
NewsBlaze - Folsom,CA,USA
As I have often noted, the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is the equivalent of the difference between a houseguest and a burglar. ...


Immigration agendas hidden
Austin Herald
By Wallace Alcorn | Austin Daily Herald If I were inclined to forget about Austin's immigration protests, the phone calls, letters-to-the-editor, ...


Goldilocks and the illegal aliens...
Because Goldie is an illegal alien and has no stake in these little bears' lives. If the bear is tired from foraging, or hungry from being out all day, ...


Decline in Mexican immigration masks a deeper, lingering problem
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
But hard times also appear to have slowed down immigration — including illegal immigration. A Pew Hispanic Center study released last Wednesday shows that ...


Real health care problem: Illegal aliens
Canton Repository - Canton,OH,USA
I will vote against all incumbents in all federal elections until they fix the illegal alien problem or put themselves on Medicare.


Footing illegals' health care
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"I'm just mad," illegal alien Jose Lopez told the Los Angeles Times last year after receiving two taxpayer-subsidized liver transplants while impatiently ...


Coalition for the Future American Worker



Get smart.  To stop this invasion locally and nationally: join www.numbersusa.com for free and you can join www.fairus.org and www.thesocialcontract.com and www.firecoalition.com and www.wehirealiens.com and www.patriotunion.org and www.alipac.us and www.spiritofliberty.net






Security and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union

(click on above title in red to learn about the SPP and their planned strategy)


It's Not a Conspiracy... It's Just a Cover-Up!


Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program

How best to achieve this goal? By artificially creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation which serves to weaken and disarm organized dissent directed against the established economic and political order. The objective is to undermine all forms of opposition and social resistance.


Global Warming or Global Governance?

By Jan Markell

Did you know that The New York Times says that those who deny climate change commit treason against the planet?! Imagine, disputing the unproven science of man-made global warming makes us a criminal. They further state we are immoral, irresponsible, and ignorant to not heed all the warnings. The paper goes on to stretch credulity by saying radical Islam is not near the threat that global warming is. So, unproven man-made global warming is a bigger danger than a crowd of radicals who want to cut off our heads!!


Obama Opens Policy Talks With China


The president welcomed Chinese leaders to Washington to begin high-level consultations on a variety of issues.


Leaders' Summit on North American Relations Held in June
Center for Research on Globalization - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Much like the formation of the European Union, a North American Union is being created incrementally. There are many different facets to North American ...


Obama: Renegotiate NAFTA as You Promised
Foreign Policy In Focus - USA
The three leaders, nicknamed the "three amigos," called this new trilateral arrangement the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). ...


Hillary Clinton admits CFR control over Government Policy

Speaking to CFR President Richard Haas from the podium, Clinton - not an official CFR member - said, "Thank you very much, Richard, and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the 'mother ship' in New York City, but it's good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department." Mrs. Clinton then turned to the audience and continued, "We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won't have as far to go to be told what we should be doing.


New Mexican truck rules please U.S. business

A plan containing guidelines on getting Mexican trucks back on U.S. highways has gone through ...


Obama: More change in U.S.-Cuba policy won't come soon
McClatchy News
President Barack Obama said Friday that he's open to more overtures to Cuba, such as lifting restrictions on academic travel to the island, but not without signs of changes from the government in Havana.







EDUCATION (click on this line for more)

AP-GfK Poll: Parents like school swine flu shots
Washington Post
The AP-GfK Poll was conducted July 16-20 by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media, involving a random sample of 1006 adults nationwide. ...

What educators can learn from brain research

As technology advances, new discoveries based on brain mapping are helping researchers understand how students learn. And those discoveries, in turn, are enriching and informing classroom practices in a growing number of schools.


Census: Feds contributed little to schools in 2007
The Associated Press
HOUSTON — Per pupil spending in public schools varies widely from state to state, but the federal government contributes comparatively little to K-12 ...


Colorado at 40th in K-12 funds per student
Denver Post
Colorado fared even worse in how much of its personal income goes toward public education. It spent the second-lowest amount per $1000 of income, ...


Public education lacks critical thinking
I primary problem in our public school system is that critical thinking skills are not taught. Rather, what is considered learning today is actually ...


$5 billion carrot for schools overhaul

Dangling the promise of $5 billion in grants, President Barack Obama on July 24 pressured states to embrace his ideas for overhauling the nation's schools -- ideas that include performance pay for teachers and more charter schools.


The rise of digital textbooks

As schools shift to 21st century learning in a time of budget crunches, digital textbooks in classrooms are on the rise. To help educators and administrators efficiently implement digital texts, two diverse districts share their motivations, tactics, and goals for their textbook programs.


Summer-school students leaving classrooms for the internet

Online summer-school courses are giving students the chance to juggle jobs, activities, and family getaways while they earned academic credit, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Leaving Edison: One Parent's Decision
ChicagoNow - Chicago,IL,USA
I also realize that our experience with Chicago Public Schools is uncommon. All worked out exceptionally well for my daughter. I concentrated on raising my ...


How does Georgia treat special education students?
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
What successes and failures have you see in the way public schools teach students with disabilities? Is there a teacher, school or district doing a good job ...




Education Reporter




EMINENT DOMAIN AND PROPERTY RIGHTS (click on this line for more)


Here are answers and a few more questions
Cumberland Times-News
Eminent domain? Maybe yes, maybe no. Check blighted houses, empty commercial sites and empty churches, then ask about eminent domain. 3. Raise or cut taxes? ...

Property rights
Indian Express
And since this 30 per cent could be non-consensual acquisition, property owners will, in effect, be paid more than the market price. ...

Ruling in eminent domain case favors Asbury Park property owner
Asbury Park Press
Asbury Partners, which came in to rebuild the waterfront in 2001, and the city, which holds the power of eminent domain, had made a final appraisal offer of ...


FROM THE PUBLISHER: Government putting dollars ahead of beauty and ...
Crossville Chronicle
By Pauline Sherrer / Chronicle publisher The Crossville City Council unanimously voted in favor to proceed with eminent domain condemnation in order to ...


Disputed land could be seized
Ken Calvert and his partners, is poised to begin the mechanism to seize the property by eminent domain. The park district's board of directors will meet in ...




2009 Senior Expo Talks Property Taxes
WNEP-TV - Scranton,PA,USA
Walker said as the economy goes down her property taxes have gone up and like anyone on a fixed income money is tight. "I think that the number one issue is ...


Property taxes remain stable despite drop in values
Property tax notices are out and homeowners aren't too happy with the proposed tax bill. In Holladay, Gaylord McCallison thought he'd get a property tax ...

Budget Could Increase Taxes On Sales As Well As Income
Philadelphia Bulletin
Many of Pennsylvania's county lawmakers want to reduce burdensome property taxes without worsening an already dire revenue crunch. ...


Property taxes up, property values down
But Utah's truth in taxation laws can be simplified this way: the groups that get money from property taxes -- schools, police, firefighters, ...


Camden officials brace for complaints over property assessment notices
Florida Times-Union
... about the notices and he expects the complaints to increase in coming days as more residents learn how much they will owe in property taxes this year. ...


Property Taxes What to Expect
Just got done reading through the Salt Lake County Assessor's 2009 Assessment. We are looking at an overall drop of almost 12% and with that, ...


Elk Grove push on delinquent taxes could force property sales
Sacramento Bee - CA, USA
By Loretta Kalb For the second straight year, Elk Grove is preparing to collect delinquent special property taxes tied to the city's newest development ...




Taking Liberty – How Private Property Is Being Abolished In America

OBESE GOVERNMENTWaste, Fraud and Abuse (click on this line for more)

Earmarks are bribes
Nothing beats the sheer utility of a congressional earmark. Like a Swiss army knife, congressional earmarks can slice, dice, pry open, whittle, uncork, ...


Some Florida officials using lobbyists' private planes

Rather than drive or fly commercial planes, a small group of lawmakers has billed taxpayers for the convenience of getting to Tallahassee on private planes -- some of them linked to lobbyists and companies with a stake in the decisions legislators make. The 19 Democratic and Republican legislators took private flights totaling more than $37,000 during the recent legislative session, state records show. That represents a fraction of the state's $66.5 billion budget, but it raises questions about the relationships between lawmakers and the groups seeking their votes.


Lobbyists the silver lining in health care storm?
A strong force, perhaps as powerful in Congress as President Barack Obama, is keeping the drive for health care going even as lawmakers seem hopelessly at odds. Lobbyists.


Palin Decries Federal "Largesse" She Accepted for Alaska
Daily Kos
I resisted the stimulus package and we have championed earmark reform, slashing earmark requests by 85% to break the cycle of dependency on a stifling, ...


Social networking for a better government
Washington Times
... cutting costs and improving efficiency. President Reagan also attacked government waste and inefficiency with the creation of the Grace Commission in 1982.


Defense Appropriations Subcommittee cleans up on earmarks
Washington Examiner - Washington,DC,USA
They found that 4 percent of House members got close to a third of the $2.75 billion earmarks in the bill. That 4 percent, TCS's Steve Ellis said, ...


Obama's Plan Isn't the Answer
Washington Post
A recent report by the White House Council of Economic Advisers claims that the government can cut the projected level of health spending by 15 percent over ...


Murtha Taking Devil May Care Attitude To Corruption Probes
An earmark secured by Murtha in 2005 for a defense contractor has led to two guilty pleas in connection with a kickback scheme. ...


Outlook: 'The Ghosts of Clintoncare'
Washington Post
The issue is not care, but government waste and management. How to make the government more responsible is the question; fire all the bureaucrats and impose ...


The Heartland’s Institute – Budget and Tax News


2009 September Budget & Tax News: Stadium Subsidies Continue
The September 2009 issue of Budget & Tax News opens with a report on state and local government subsidies to sports stadiums—a continuing pocketbook ... (read more)


Airport Privatization Can Fly Despite Midway Collapse
The failure of the proposed $2.5 billion lease of Chicago’s Midway Airport to reach a financial close this past April may be a setback for U.S. airport ... (read more)


Calif. IOUs Show Damage of Overspending
California began issuing IOUs in July because the state government cannot pay its bills. The IOUs are to mature in October and pay an annualized interest ... (read more)


Criticism of the Fed Grows as Obama Seeks More Powers
For most of his congressional career, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has been trying to persuade lawmakers to support audits of the Federal Reserve, and until this ... (read more)


Florida’s Crist Breaks No New Taxes Pledge
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) has come under withering fire for violating a “no new taxes” pledge he made when he ran for governor in 2007.The ... (read more)


Government Keeps on Hiring, Adding to Private-Sector Burden
Even as millions of private-sector jobs have disappeared in the past year, government hiring continues to expand across the country, according to state ... (read more)


High-Speed Rail Is an Unprofitable Train Wreck
One of the most frequently mouthed claims about high-speed rail is that it is enormously profitable. Judging by the claims made by proponents, you might ... (read more)


Income Redistribution Is Key Part of Cap-and-Trade Bill
If the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade energy bill now in the Senate becomes law, we will have willingly created a situation where the United States experiences ... (read more)


Louisville Mayor Vetoes Prevailing-Wage Ordinance
Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson (D) uses his veto pen about as often as a Kentucky Derby winner ends up with the Triple Crown—almost never.The leading ... (read more)


Obama Backs Away from Union Transparency
The Obama administration appears to be backing away from the movement toward greater disclosure of union finances.In May the U.S. Department of Labor indicated ... (read more)


Online Retailers Drop More Affiliates Over Internet Taxes
Online retailers Amazon.com and Overstock.com recently dropped hundreds of affiliate advertisers in California, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Rhode Island ... (read more)


Private Bidders Interested in Buying Maryland Racetracks
Maryland taxpayers may be off the hook for two horse racing tracks owned by bankrupt Magna Entertainment Corp.The general assembly passed legislation earlier ... (read more)


San Francisco County Assessor’s Tax Proposal Draws Fire
San Francisco County Assessor Phil Ting (D) has launched a statewide effort to revise a provision of California’s Proposition 13, a state law voters ... (read more)


Stadium Subsidies Continue Despite Economic Downturn
From California to New York, taxpayers remain on the hook for billions of dollars in subsidies for stadium projects, even in the midst of the worst fiscal ... (read more)


States Struggle to Start Fiscal Year
With Fiscal Year 2010 for many states starting on July 1, many went down to the wire in passing their budgets. Here’s where things stood July 1:ArizonaAt ... (read more)


Surplus Lines Proposal Could Streamline Insurance Market
Regulatory reform could be on the horizon for the surplus lines insurance market, which provides coverage for hard-to-place risks not handled by standard ... (read more)


TaxSleuth Site Helps Wash. Track Cost of Government
Washington state’s confusing tax system includes some 1,800 taxing districts and approximately 3,300 tax code areas, not counting the many taxes imposed ... (read more)


Tenn. Public’s Anger Defeats Hidden Gas Tax
An outraged citizenry helped kill a proposed gasoline tax increase in Tennessee that had been slipped into an entirely unrelated measure.State Rep. Bill ... (read more)


Va. Taxpayers Fund Lobbying Against Property Rights
The 2009 General Assembly session brought wins and losses for property rights in Virginia. It also brought a twist, with local governments using taxpayer ... (read more)


Schools getting lion's share of property taxes
Aspen Daily News - Aspen,CO,USA
by Brent Gardner-Smith, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer Of the $98 million collected in Pitkin County property taxes in 2008, $24 million went to the Aspen ...

VOTER FRAUD (A Bi-Partisan Phenomenon)


Voter fraud lies at heart of charges
Montgomery Advertiser - Montgomery,AL,USA
... of the Canons of Judicial Ethics has as much to do with voter and voter registration fraud as it does Wiggins' apparent contempt for due process. ...



Council for Citizens Against Government Waste




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