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The Promise of Home (A Movie on Illegal Immigration)

See What Illegal Aliens Have Done To Saluda SC


Recession - Your Neighbor Loses His Job, Depression - You Lose Your Job, Recovery - Obama Loses His Job



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"Try this thought experiment. Pretend you're a tyrant.  Among your many liberty-destroying objectives are extermination of blacks, Jews and Catholics.  Which would you prefer, a United States with political power centralized in Washington, powerful government agencies with detailed information on Americans and compliant states or power widely dispersed over 50 states, thousands of local jurisdictions and a limited federal government?"

                                                        -- Walter E. Williams,
(1936- ) Columnist, Professor of Economics at George Mason University



Live Simply.  Love Generously.  Care Deeply.  Speak Kindly.  Leave the Rest to God.

STATES' RIGHTS (click here for more)


The Roots of the Conservative Movement
Intelligence Report - Montgomery,AL,USA
... held its first event in support of "state's rights" in Philadelphia, Miss. Given that that is where three civil rights workers — Michael Schwerner, ...


Secession From The US...
SoonerPoll.com - oklahoma City,OK,USA
“This secession talk is mainly frustration speaking. These folks are so very frustrated with the direction of national politics and national policy that


An experiment gone awry—
Free Press Courier - Welsboro,PA,USA
... expressed their state's rights. “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. ...


Butler County plans to commemorate Civil War
Oxford Press - Oxford,OH,USA
Tensions over state's rights would bubble over in 1861, leading to the bloodiest conflict in American history. Local historians are already ...



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Nationwide Tea Party Coalition (April 15)


Greenville Tea Party (Greenville, SC) 02/27/09 (YOUTUBE)


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The Southern National Congress  

Become A Delegate!

Today the Southern National Congress (SNC) released seven resolutions called Remonstrances and Petitions for a Redress of Grievances, passed by the Congress during its historic first session December 5-7, 2008 in Hendersonville, NC. 100 Delegates from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia met to take up matters of great concern to the Southern People. After a spirited and well-informed debate, the SNC passed the remonstrances dealing with these vital issues...



Early this year, selected delegates representing the People of each of the fifty states will convene in Philadelphia to debate our constitutional crisis and establish practicable strategies the People can take, en masse, to peacefully reclaim Liberty and restore Constitutional Order.  These historical proceedings will be known as the “Continental Congress 2009.”


UPDATE #19: Continental Congress 2009

This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held later this year. As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peaceably curtail the abuse.


States' Rights and the Growing Rebellion - A Status Report

After decades of uninterrupted drift toward a socialist state and a bloated federal bureaucracy, the legislatures of a number of states are beginning to take matters into their own hands.







Economy's fall still bad - even if less steep
The Associated Press
President Barack Obama's stimulus package of increased government spending and tax cuts, along with aggressive action by the Fed to spur lending, ...


Exploding debt threatens America

Standard and Poor’s decision to downgrade its outlook for British sovereign debt from “stable” to “negative” should be a wake-up call for the US Congress and administration. Let us hope they wake up.  Under President Barack Obama’s budget plan, the federal debt is exploding. To be precise, it is rising – and will continue to rise – much faster than gross domestic product, a measure of America’s ability to service it. The federal debt was equivalent to 41 per cent of GDP at the end of 2008; the Congressional Budget Office projects it will increase to 82 per cent of GDP in 10 years. With no change in policy, it could hit 100 per cent of GDP in just another five years.


Still Working, but Making Do With Less


For millions of families, the recession has not meant a layoff, but a pay cut that has forced them to thrash through daily calculations


It’s Thankless, but He Decides Madoff Claims

Irving Picard oversees claims in the Madoff case, deciding who will be paid quickly, who will be paid eventually, who will not be paid at all. It is not a job for the thin-skinned.


G.M. Plan Gets Support From Key Bondholders


G.M. said a key group of bondholders agreed to a 10 percent stake, with warrants to buy an additional 15 percent, in exchange for accepting the bankruptcy plan.


Credit Relief May Not Last Long


The worst of the credit crisis appears to be over, but enthusiasm may still be getting ahead of reality.


Delphi in Talks to Emerge From Bankruptcy


The auto parts maker once owned by G.M. is working with the federal auto task force, possibly toward a sale of some assets.


Dell, Its Quarterly Earnings Down 63%, Predicts Recovery


Dell suffered as businesses and consumers cut back on their technology purchases during the global recession.


More Homeowners Facing Foreclosure


Temporary halts on foreclosures imposed by lenders and mortgage underwriters have mostly ended, and banks are moving quickly against delinquent homeowners.


This Time, Treasuries Push U.S. Markets Higher


Solid demand at a Treasury auction eased fears that the appetite for U.S. debt would dry up and force the government to pay higher interest rates.


UPDATER 1-Mexico cuts budget by 35 bln pesos as recession hits
Reuters - USA
The cuts will not affect social spending or government capital investments, the ministry said. Mexico's gross domestic product plunged by 8.2 percent in the ...


Japan factory output jumps but jobless rate rises
The Associated Press
While the stimulus measures will certainly help in the short-term, analysts say, any economic uptick may prove fleeting as the impact of government spending ...


India's Economy Expands Faster-Than-Expected 5.8%
Bloomberg - USA
Lower interest rates and increased government spending is starting to yield results in the economy. Car sales and the production of cement, electricity and…


About 12 pct of US homeowners late paying or foreclosed

One of eight U.S. households with a mortgage ended the first quarter late on loan payments or in the foreclosure process in a crisis that will persist for at least another year until unemployment peaks, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Thursday.  U.S. unemployment in April reached its highest rate in more than a quarter century and is still rising, helping propel mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures to record highs.


Tax Revenue Plunges as Obama Deficit Soars

Conversation regarding the exploding budget deficit generally focuses on the major spending increase generated by the $787 billion fiscal stimulus package. But there's another side to the deficit — plunging tax receipts. Federal tax revenue plummeted 34 percent in April from a year ago, to $138 billion — the largest decline in 28 years.


Galbraith: Job Market May Need Years to Heal

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. housing bust and auto sector upheaval have left hundreds of thousands of workers looking for jobs in the same sectors, in the same places, and at the same time.  Some of these jobs won't come back even after the recession ends because Americans are unlikely to buy as many new homes or cars as they did at the peak of the easy-money days.


Bair: Bad Loans Mounting for U.S. Banks

Mounting bad loans put additional pressure on bank balance sheets amid a severe recession and a global financial crisis that originated nearly two years ago in the US home mortgage sector. The FDIC said its insured institutions charged off 37.8 billion dollars in bad loans in the first quarter, almost twice the 19.6 billion dollars of the 2008 first quarter.


Philippines Cuts Key Rate a Fifth Time as Growth Dips
Bloomberg - USA
Public spending slid to the lowest in six months in April as revenue fell from a year earlier. The government's 2009 budget deficit may exceed 250 billion ...


Stimulus Contracts Shorting Neediest States

USA Today

States hit hardest by the recession received only a few of the federal government's first stimulus contracts, even though the new spending was meant to target places where the economic pain has been particularly severe. Federal agencies have awarded nearly $4 billion in contracts to help jump-start the economy. But, with few exceptions, that money has not reached states where the unemployment rate is highest.








Fact Sheet: E-Verify (Read This And Send It To Your Elected Officials – Don’t Let Them Get Away With Lies About This Program)

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

E-Verify (formerly known as the Basic Pilot/Employment Eligibility Verification Program) is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) administers the program.   E-Verify is free and voluntary and is the best means available for determining employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security Numbers.

Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

The SAVE Program enables Federal, state, and local government agencies and licensing bureaus to obtain immigration status information they need in order to determine a non-citizen applicant's eligibility for many public benefits. The Program also administers employment verification pilot programs that enable employers to quickly and easily verify the work authorization of their newly hired employees.


Facts About the Social Security “No-Match” Letter

Each year, employers file a Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2) with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report how much they paid their employees and how much they deducted in taxes from employees’ wages throughout the year. SSA sends a “no-match” letter when the names or Social Security numbers (SSNs) listed on an employer’s Form W-2 do not match SSA’s records.



US-VISIT is a continuum of security measures that begins overseas and continues through arrival and departure from the United States to ensure the person crossing our border is the same person who received the visa.


A Law Enforcement Partnership 287 (g)

Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE)

ICE ACCESS (Agreements of Cooperation in Communities to Enhance Safety and Security) provides local law enforcement agencies an opportunity to team with ICE to combat specific challenges in their communities.  The 287(g) program is only one component under the ICE ACCESS umbrella of services and programs offered for assistance to local law enforcement officers.

ICE Mutual Agreement Between Government and Employers (IMAGE)

To combat unlawful employment and reduce vulnerabilities that help illegal aliens gain such employment, the ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program was initiated in 2007. The goal is to assist employers in targeted sectors to develop a more secure and stable workforce and to enhance fraudulent document awareness through education and training.


The Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT)

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-wide system for the storage and processing of biometric and limited biographic information for DHS national security, law enforcement, immigration, intelligence, and other DHS mission-related functions, and to provide associated testing, training, management reporting, planning and analysis, or other administrative uses.


Secure Communities: A Comprehensive Plan to Identify and Remove Criminal Aliens

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is improving community safety by transforming the way the federal government cooperates with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify, detain, and remove all criminal aliens held in custody. Secure Communities: A Comprehensive Plan to Identify and Remove Criminal Aliens, will change immigration enforcement by using technology to share information between law enforcement agencies and by applying risk-based methodologies to focus resources on assisting all local communities remove high-risk criminal aliens.


        ü  Click here to get your copy of the Arizona US Court Decision


                                        ü  Click here to get your copy of the Arizona's Law "Legal Arizona Workers Act"

                              ü   Illegal Aliens & Diseases

                        ü  Guide to State and Local Action to Deterring Illegal Immigration

                        ü  Nonimmigrant Visas

                        ü THE MS-13 THREAT: A National Assessment by the FBI

                                  ü  The Law Against Hiring or Harboring Illegal Aliens




IMMIGRATION (click on this line for more)


Amnesty and The Economy - Myths, Lies & Obfuscation
Right Side News - Kennesaw,GA,USA
This type of enforcement action is a deterrent to employers knowingly employing illegal alien workers, and it makes it improbable that an employer would ...


Tancredo: La Raza is "Latino KKK"
Politico - Washington,DC,USA
Tom Tancredo was on CNN this afternoon whacking Sonia Sotomayor for her association with the National Council of La Raza, which was listed in a 2000 ...


Immigrants Often Worst of Abusers of Illegal Foreign Workers

A bust of a slavery ring in Missouri has typically found that the slave-masters are themselves foreigners. While we have plenty of home-grown, despicable businesses that exploit and abuse illegal foreign workers, the fact is that foreign-born business owners and managers are disproportionately responsible for the mistreatment of foreign workers in this country.


An Immigration Debate Without Immigrants?
Right Side News - Kennesaw,GA,USA
By Stephen Steinlight Skirmishing over semantics is such a recurrent component of the immigration debate it seems scarcely worth mentioning. ...


Cuomo Widens an Investigation Into Immigration Fraud
New York Times - United States
Immigration fraud, often orchestrated by immigrants, has proliferated across the country, victimizing people desperate to gain legal residency or ...


"Must Watch" Immigration Videos

In spite of the horrific toll inflicted upon the American people by illegal aliens, however, neither the Democratic nor the Republican Party has any desire to do anything about it. Republicans within the Chamber of Commerce want cheap labor, and Democrats want votes. Neither the Elephants nor the Donkeys (at the national level) want to protect our borders. In this regard, it matters not whether it is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House...


Solving the Immigration Problem Means Addressing the Realities of ...
AlterNet - San Francisco,CA,USA
This article is a response to Joseph H. Carens's Case for Amnesty, and part of a New Democracy Forum on immigration. Joseph Carens has advanced a strong ...


Staffing Firm Indicted for Labor Trafficking, Immigration
Workforce Management - Irvine,Ca,USA
... forced labor trafficking and immigration and other violations in 14 states, the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Missouri announced ...


What will America stand for in 2050?
Christian Science Monitor - USA
One of those hard choices is how to handle immigration. The US must get serious about the tide of legal and illegal immigrants, above all from Latin America ...


NBC Argues for Relaxed Immigration Laws Despite High Unemployment
Business Media Institute - Alexandria,VA,USA
Tom Brokaw visits Maryland crab picking house, claims only solution to labor shortage is loosening visa rules. By Jeff Poor The national unemployment rate ...


Coalition for the Future American Worker



Get smart.  To stop this invasion locally and nationally: join www.numbersusa.com for free and you can join www.fairus.org and www.thesocialcontract.com and www.firecoalition.com and www.wehirealiens.com and www.patriotunion.org and www.alipac.us and www.WilliamGheen.com and www.spiritofliberty.net






Security and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union

(click on above title in red to learn about the SPP and their planned strategy)


It's Not a Conspiracy... It's Just a Cover-Up!


West Plots To Supplant United Nations With Global NATO

Ten years ago it first became evident to the world that moves were afoot in major Western capitals to circumvent, subvert and ultimately supplant the United Nations, as the UN could not always be counted on to act in strict accordance with the dictates of the United States and its NATO allies.  At that time in 1999 the NATO alliance was waging what would become a 78-day bombing war against Yugoslavia in flagrant contravention of the United Nations and of international law in general.


Why Are We In Puerto Rico?
Slate - USA
Over the years Puerto Rican secession movements rose and fell. Most sought independence through peaceful means, but some were violent. ...


U.S. Urged to Relax Cuba Policy to Boost Regional Relations

The U.S. government is fighting an effort to allow Cuba to return to the Organization of American States after a 47-year suspension. But the resistance is putting it at odds with much of Latin America as the Obama administration is trying to improve relations in the hemisphere.



Bilderberg boys are a bunch of grumpy old men but remain fiercely dedicated to usurping sovereignty in the United States and throughout the world. Patriots can celebrate their setbacks but never let up: Bilderberg still threatens the sovereignty of all nations while fighting for world government.  Major goals remain exploiting the global recession and an imaginary “swine flu pandemic” to establish global departments of treasury and health under the United Nations. But at the May 14-17 meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece, near Athens, Bilderberg took a keen interest in persuading the United States to surrender sovereignty to the International Criminal Court, or ICC.






EDUCATION (click on this line for more)

Mental health issues among Asian Americans in NYC public schools ...
Asianjournal.com - Los Angeles,CA,USA
"ASAP believes that New York City public schools are unaware of, and neglect the mental health needs of Asian Pacific American students," the report said. ...


Testing violations alleged at school
Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson,MS,USA
Meridian Public Schools, accused of violating standardized testing procedures, could have its accreditation status lowered. ...

15-year-old charged in teen's murder
Arellano was a Chicago Public Schools student who was reportedly not going to school because he was getting picked on by gang members. ...


School chiefs fault state tax structure
Redlands Daily Facts - Redlands,CA,USA
Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to address the deficit almost purely through budget cuts, many of which come from California public schools. ...


Editorial: UMass must step up for Amherst schools
Amherst Bulletin - Amherst,MA,USA
There are currently 52 children who live in tax-exempt housing and attend Amherst's public schools. The estimate of the cost of educating them is $675000 to ...


Why I won't have any college debt
Boston Globe - United States
That's misguided: Graduation rates are hugely influenced by problems associated with selection bias: Students from families high up on the socioeconomic ...


America's Public-School System --- Brutal and Spartan

The public school system in America has become a dismal failure. But education in many other times and cultures has been quite successful. The ancient Greeks, whose civilization was at its height around 550 B.C., founded Western civilization as we know it. The Athenian Greeks invented or perfected logic, drama, science, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, literature, and much more. Yet ancient Greece had no compulsory schools....


Apple goes green, launches free recycling

K-12 schools and higher-education institutions can recycle their used computers and peripherals from any manufacturer free of charge, under a new limited-time offer from Apple Inc.


FCC develops strategy for rural broadband

Acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps has released a report on broadband strategy for rural America, CNET reports.


iPhone to replace attendance register at Japan university

A Japanese university is giving away Apple Inc's trendy iPhone to students for free, but with a catch: the device will be used to check their attendance, Reuters reports.


New web site to amplify debate on Google book deal

New York-based SharedBook Inc. has set up a web site so the supporters and opponents of Google's digital book project can more easily post their opinions about a legal settlement that will help fulfill or possibly derail the internet search leader's ambitions, reports the Associated Press.


Microsoft adds touch screen, web browser to Zune

Aiming to compete with Apple's iPod Touch, Microsoft Corp. says the next generation of its Zune music player due out in the fall will have a touch screen, web browser, and an HD Radio receiver, reports the Associated Press.


Apple's back-to-school deal repeats iPod Touch rebates

Apple kicked off its annual back-to-school promotion May 27, offering rebates of up to $229 toward the purchase of an iPod Touch or other iPod when bought with a qualifying Macintosh computer, reports Computerworld.


Study: Virtual schools can help cut costs

New research suggests that more K-12 public school students will take classes online and will have longer school days in the next decade--and academic improvement and cost savings are two big benefits. Key words: virtual school, online learning, K-12 online learning, school budgets, education, technology


Obama names first Hispanic to High Court

President Barack Obama on May 26 named federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor as his choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter--making her the first Hispanic in history picked to wear the robes of a High Court justice, and giving some education professionals hope that she will be assertive for education rights. Key words: Sonia Sotomayor, Barack Obama, Supreme Court, education


Bill would fund internet safety education

A federal lawmaker has introduced internet safety legislation that, if passed, would authorize roughly $175 million--$35 million a year for five years--for internet safety education and training to help make children, parents, and educators aware of proper online behavior and the dangers the internet poses. Key words: internet safety, internet education, sexting, internet safety funding


St. Louis Public Schools teachers vote to approve contract
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - St. Louis,MO,USA
Some said later that it had eliminated some long-standing and basic clauses protecting teachers from discipline problems, theft, and unreasonable work place ...




Education Reporter




EMINENT DOMAIN AND PROPERTY RIGHTS (click on this line for more)


WisDOT loses eminent domain case
Wisconsin Law Journal - Milwaukee,Wisconsin,USA
... of Transportation on Wednesday lost a lawsuit filed by an Oshkosh landowner demanding more money for property the state acquired through eminent domain. ...


City Ready to Use Eminent Domain at Willets Point
Village Voice - New York,NY,USA
... on Wednesday informing people that the city intended to begin eminent domain proceedings and a letter would arrive Thursday detailing the process. ...


Is eminent domain imminent?
Meriden Record-Journal - Meriden,CT,USA
That leaves the town faced with the prospect of using eminent domain to take the property needed to do the project. Director of Public Works Director ...




Proposed budget lowers property taxes, raises fees
Bradenton Herald - FL, United States
Hunzeker said he anticipated a $22 million decrease in revenue, of which about $16 million is in property taxes. Property taxes make up only $190 million or ...


Vacant property taxes now fail Cape Coral
The News-Press - Fort Myers,FL,USA
Cape Coral uses property taxes to pay for more than 60 percent of its operating expenses. Most cities in the state rely on property taxes for less than half ...


Atlanta Property Taxes Going Up 8-to-13 Percent
WXIA-TV - Atlanta,GA,USA
Either you get an injection of Federal stimulus money or you raise property taxes. For Atlanta, the answer is raising taxes -- which will bring in up to $56 ...


Norman: Texas Legislature? Property taxes? Don't be silly
Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
By MIKE NORMAN Special message for people who want to know what state lawmakers have done lately that might lead to lower property taxes: Start with what ...

Committee: Property taxes better for Lima schools
LimaOhio.com - OH
She has voted against putting property taxes on the ballot in the past. Voters rejected two property tax requests in the last year and a half. ...


State sets up authority to attack urban blight
Bizjournals.com - Charlotte,NC,USA
Only properties with more than three years of delinquent property taxes will be eligible. The authority does not have the power of eminent domain. ...


Kane expected to collect $544 million with first property tax ...
Geneva Sun - Geneva,IL,USA
Property taxes are based on a formula derived from a home's equalized assessed valuation, or EAV. Assessors come up with the EAV — which is about one-third ...


SF assessor seeks higher taxes on businesses
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
He says he doesn't have a specific proposal but suggests there are many ways to generate higher property taxes. That might include setting a different tax ...

The New Democratic Budget Plan: Key Takeaways
Tucson Weekly - Tucson,AZ,USA
Property taxes will be increasing. The Democratic plan restores a statewide property tax that will raise $250 million annually and gets rid of a subsidy ...





Taking Liberty – How Private Property Is Being Abolished In America

OBESE GOVERNMENTWaste, Fraud and Abuse (click on this line for more)

Sotomayor Ruled That States Do Not Have to Obey Second Amendment

(CNSNews.com) – Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor ruled in January 2009 that states do not have to obey the Second Amendment’s commandment that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


State Income Tax

Many states are facing major budget deficits this year. So governors in states like California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Oregon have a plan. They want to increase the state income tax on the wealthiest citizens.


National Sales Tax Chatter Draws Fierce Opposition
Now that the federal government is doling out billions in stimulus spending and bailouts, and looking for billions more for health care reform, the prospect ...


"Two Ways to Play"-Kevin Depew of Minyanville
Nightly Business Report - Miami,FL,USA
Why should more private capital be poured into government waste in the first place? It's precisely this drying up of government access to credit we should ...


Presidential Fundraising Trips Leave Taxpayers With Hefty Tab

President Obama left Tuesday for a two-day fundraising tour in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Democratic National Committee is expected to pick up part of the cost, but if history is any gauge, taxpayers will pick up most of the tab.


Nevada Senate overrides Gibbons veto of tax bill
Reno Gazette-Journal - Reno,NV,USA
Republicans, backed by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, saw benefit reforms as the most important way to curb future government spending and therefore a ...


Murtha hails expo's benefits to region
The Tribune-Democrat - Johnstown,PA,USA
Standing before some of the national media reporters who have criticized the Johnstown Democrat's earmark funding for the local airport, police department ...


New tax caps could cause a tangle
News Sentinel - Fort Wayne,IN,USA
Ostensibly designed to limit government spending by controlling property taxes, Indiana's so-called “circuit-breakers” could produce far-reaching and ...


Vitter Still Loves Him Some Earmarks
The Washington Independent - Washington,DC,USA
David Vitter, (R-LA), is doing everything he can to keep his earmark-loving reputation alive by seeking roughly $1.1 billion earmarks in the federal 2010 ...


Vulnerable Democrats Urge Close Scrutiny of Colleagues
CQPolitics.com - Washington,DC,USA
Several other freshmen who have not voted for the Flake resolution say that while they support earmark changes, they do not believe that voting on a ...


Campaign finance reform: A matter of national security
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
Fortunately for the earmark seekers, none of these approved contracts went through the normal vetting process, as some would have been difficult to justify ...


VOTER FRAUD (A Bi-Partisan Phenomenon)


Ritchie is sued over voter-registration records
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA
So what this is really about -- Republicans couldn't, and didn't, prove voter fraud and win taking … read more the Coleman lawsuit through the front door of ...


House approves voter ID bill
Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA
In a statement released after Thursday night's vote, Mollis defended the need for such a law. “The pervasive belief that voter fraud exists undermines the ...


GOP secretary of state candidates line up on vote fraud
Kansas Liberty - Shawnee,KS,USA
Only premium content subscribers have access to all of Kansas Liberty's unique mix of news, opinion and humor. Don't miss the rest of the story! ...


Lawmaker Pushes for Investigation into ACORN Finances
By Eric Shawn Most of the investigations into ACORN, the low-income advocacy group, have focused on voter registration fraud. But now lawmakers want to ...


Nader Accuses mcauliffe of Suppressing Votes
Washington Post - United States
When it is the Republicans, it is always 'voter fraud.' With the Democrats, it is always 'voter suppression.' However, the Nader Excuse outshines ever the ...


Philadelphia Woman Charged With Illicit Wildwood Voting
Cape May County Herald - NJ, United States
The Prosecutor's Office, assisted by the Cape May County Board of Elections, conducted an investigation after receiving allegations of voter fraud beginning ...


The 2007 election: Will it ever end?
Muncie Star Press - Muncie,IN,USA
August, 2007: Prosecutors dismiss felony vote-fraud charges against the mother of a Muncie City Council member Monte Murphy. Authorities had alleged Agnes ...


Mayoral candidate to plea guilty to forgery
WXVT - Greenville,MS,USA
Prosecutors began an investigation three weeks ago into reports of vote fraud in the May 5 party primary. At issue were 53 absentee ballots.




Council for Citizens Against Government Waste




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