Phil Bradley is the recently retired 4th Congressional District Commissioner on the South Carolina Public Service Commission and a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress.  Phil has lived in the Fourth Congressional District for more than 35 years and has watched the area grow from a sleepy southern textile center to a multi-national corporate headquarter magnate. Currently, the 4th District has more foreign national corporations with North American headquarters and or major regional operating facilities than any other district in the southeastern United States.


Phil’s life has been dedicated to public service. Phil was first elected to the South Carolina State Legislature in 1978 as a Republican at a time when being a Republican in South Carolina wasn’t cool – yet.  During his five terms of  service in the statehouse, Phil served on the SC House Education and Public Works Committee, the SC House Labor, and the Commerce & Industry Committee.


In addition, Phil served on several special committees and task forces including the SC Education Improvement Task Force, the National Conference of State Legislatures Federal-State Assembly Education Committee; the State Election Commission, appointed by the Governor; and currently serves on the Electric Power Research Institute Advisory Council.


Phil’s service on the SC Public Service Commission has included service as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Commission as well as significant involvement in several national regulatory commissions and agencies.  Known as a fair, free-market regulator, Phil seeks regulatory solutions that protect the public interest while providing utility companies with as fair and free a marketplace as possible.


Phil takes his duties seriously on the Commission and has become something of a policy wonk on energy issues – a tremendous benefit to the 4th Congressional District, the state of South Carolina, and the nation in light of the current energy issues facing all of us.  NARUC (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners) where he has served on the gas committee and currently serves on the electric committee. Phil is a voice that is heard with all of these groups.


As a state legislator Phil demonstrated his commitment to free and fair trade that balances the interests of establishing a global economy while protecting the interests of American workers.  Phil is also an advocate of states rights, believing that the role of the federal government should be limited in all areas.  He believes strongly in the individual and the entrepreneur and seeks government solutions that support rather than hamper individual rights.  As a Congressman, Phil will take his legacy of public service to Washington by providing leadership for the 4th district and the State of South Carolina.


In addition to his public service, Phil has proven himself a successful businessman and entrepreneur.  His career in real estate began before his graduation from Furman University in 1969 and continued for more than 25 years until his election to the Public Service Commission. As owner and manager of Philip T. Bradley, Inc. Realtors, Phil distinguished himself among his colleagues receiving their vote as President of the Greenville Multiple Listing Service and Vice President of the Greenville Board of Realtors.  His experience as a small business owner has shaped his views as a free-market conservative.  Phil believes that government helps best when it works with business to achieve results that increase jobs, standard of living, and that encourage rather than mandate proactive business practices.


Phil has served in the US Army Reserves; as President of the YMCA Youth and Government; the Board of Trustees of the Baptist Courier; and is a member of the Southeastern Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.  Phil enjoys spending time with his daughter, Leigh, his son-in-law Clint and a new granddaughter Mary Catherine.